Desert Provisions

CAMP SALT - Adventure 3-pack


0.3oz, each tin

CAMP SALT is perfect for adventures near or far. Camp cooking? Yes, please. Planning your vanlifing trip? Perfect. Backcountry trip? Yeah, buddy. Road trip? We got you. Picnic in the park? Cheers to that. Hunting or fishing? Covered. Car camping? No problem. CAMP SALTS are spices for adventures.

Packable in your weekend bag, camping gear, back pocket, purse, or backpack, take CAMP SALT with you to season any meal or snack and give it the proper flavor you deserve. All natural ingredients, high quality chiles, and unrefined sea salt packs the perfect amount of flavor and spice. We don’t compromise quality by adding preservatives or additives. Break this out during your next camping adventure and you’ll gain instant hero status.

Packaged in sturdy, but lightweight metal tins for all your “on-the-go” needs, simply break the seal and slide to open. These cuties weigh in at less than 1 ounce so they won’t break your stride.

Adventure Set: Contains 3 metal tins of:
-Hatch Green Chile Salt: The perfect blend of green chiles from Hatch, New Mexico and Sonoran Sea Salt
-Hatch Red Chile Salt: The perfect blend of red chiles from Hatch, New Mexico and Sonoran Sea Salt
-Sonoran Sea Salt: All natural sea salt harvested from the Sea of Cortez



Best used during adventures. Break seal. Slide tin open. Enjoy.


-Fancy s’mores around the campfire
-Crackers & cheese on the trail
-Your favorite backpacking meal for some added spice (our recommendation is the Herbed Mushroom Risotto from Good To-Go)
-Camp breakfast burritos or sandwiches
-Soups, stews, beans, eggs, steak, pasta, corn on the cob, roasted veggies, breakfast potatoes, ants on a log... the possibilities are endless

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