Colt Robert E. Lee Commemorative 1851 Navy


This is The REAL THING…an actual Colt Robert E. Lee Commemorative 1851 Navy. Produced and sold by Colt in 1971, this Colt Model 1851 Navy percussion revolver with 7-1/2" octagon barrel, .36 caliber, with six shot cylinder, one piece walnut grips and silver finished trigger guard and backstrap. It sports an Ormsby Naval cylinder scene engraving and factory roll marked "ROBERT E. LEE -NINETEEN SEVENTY ONE". Cased in factory velvet lined case with mechanical powder flask, mold, nipple wrench and cap tin. The lid of case is marked "ROBERT E. LEE COMMEMORATIVE NINETEEN SEVENTY ONE" & sports the Colt medallion. The lining is southern grey in color. This gun is one VERY NICE Revolver.

Manufacturer: Colt Model / Generation: 1851 Navy Caliber: 36 Cal Type of Action: Single Action Only Barrel Length: 7.5” Type of Sights: Bead Front, Notched Hammer Rear Type of Grips: Smooth Walnut Finish: Blued/Case Colored Material: Steel/Wood Colors: Blued/Case Colored /Brown Ammo Capacity: 6 Accessories Included: Wood Case, Mechanical Powder Flask, Bullet Mold, Percussion Caps, Nipple Wrench Special Features: Limited Edition, Engraved, Presentation Case Condition: EXCELLENT, the revolver appears to be Unfired and in good working order

Note: This is a Black Powder Revolver and the ATF does not require paperwork on this item.

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