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Crushed Hatch Chile Flakes Duo Gift Set



“Red or Green?” It’s the official question of New Mexico. We say both! With our new Crushed Hatch Red & Green Chile Flakes Duo Gift Set, you can taste the flavor rainbow of the world famous Hatch chile. Enjoy a fruity heat with our Crushed Hatch Red Chile Flakes, or opt for Crushed Hatch Green Chile Flakes for an earthy, piquant heat. Whichever you choose will deliver a major upgrade to any dish!

Made from 100% red and green chiles grown and dried in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico, our flakes are all-natural and preservative free. Nothing but pure chile goodness here. Hatch, New Mexico is known as the chile capital of the world for good reason: the cool evening temps, long hot days, and fertile soil provide just the right terrior needed for that world-famous Hatch chile flavor. The freshest flakes around, each jar is packed with flakes from the season’s most recent harvest.    

Convenient and versatile, discover what a few pinches can do to elevate your everyday meals like soups, stews, and pasta with that one-of a kind, often replicated but never duplicated flavor of a Hatch chile all year long.

Pro tip - toast the chile flakes in a dry sauté pan or in a bit of oil (olive or grapeseed works well) before using. It will expand and add a base flavor that is deeper and richer. 
Use within 2 years of opening.

Pizza, pasta, guacamole, soups, stews, eggs…the options are truly endless!


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