West Major

Easy Western - Cobalt Stripe


Our Easy Western in Cobalt Stripe is a light-weight, super soft cotton / linen blend that’s perfect for the summer. It’s effortless, easy to wear with anything, and has a natural vintage and nostalgic quality to it that we love it.


We grew up in the desert playing music and wearing vintage western shirts. Those shirts seemed to be designed for us. Light weight, soft, unique, easy to wear all year.

We noticed no one was making them today with the same look, feel, and vibe from back then. So in 2017 we decided to breathe new life into an American classic, and set out to design and manufacture timeless western shirts and workwear through a desert lens.

Inspired by western wear from the 70’s, and the durability of traditional workwear, we're dedicated to making one of kind garments, and the revival of U.S. manufacturing in the Southwest.

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