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Etnico Trade Co.

Etnico Llama Light Ruana - Light Natural


Etnico Llama Ruana (Open Poncho) Liviana

An open front style poncho, our authentic ruanas are completely handmade and hand-knotted from 100% natural llama wool fabrics. The ancient weaving techniques applied during the making of this product allow for tight knitting, creating an authentic piece of unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship tested by time.  The design and materials are original of the Puna plains in the south-central Andean region of South America, following the original garments worn by Andean communities for thousands of years. A timeless one-of-a-kind piece, the ruana is as beautiful as it is practical. The natural llama wool gives this piece a wonderful textural feel, representing luxury with stunning simplicity, attention to detail, and crisp and heavy natural fabrics. 


Light Natural

Approximate Dimensions

73" x 53"


Hand-spun and hand-loomed


100% natural llama wool




Our work is specific to a place, to a hand and its skill

ETNICO is a social enterprise focused on collaborating with local artisans in the Andean region of South America, to promote and preserve artistic traditions. Connecting talented local artists and their culture with the global community. 

Our work resides at the intersection of ancient tradition, technique, and design. Our products represent the spirit and story of the makers and their environment, and a deep appreciation for something to keep and inherit.

At ETNICO, we utilize sustainable and socially responsible practices to support local communities to improve standards of living while preserving grassroot traditions. 

Trade & Craftsmanship

ETNICO is the trading partner and mediator, we are collaborators with individuals near and far. Our work is an exercise in the time it takes to produce something, both in planning and finishing. 

Our craftsmanship resides at the intersection of ancient tradition, technique, and design. Our shape is traveled, timeless, and rooted in function.  

We are inspired by people and time.  

ETNICO focuses its work on custom one-of-a-kind textile products, wearables and accessories of premium quality, collaborating with local artisans in the Andean region of South America.  

Representing luxury with stunning simplicity, attention to detail and, crisp and heavy natural fabrics. Our collections exhibit a refreshing blend of ancient techniques, natural and noble materials, and skillful artistry.

How we give back.

ETNICO addresses community self-identified needs through a simple model of reallocating profits directly into self-identified community projects and social initiatives that are determined and propelled by the native communities we work with. 

These projects address a wide range of environmental, health, social and economic issues. Including gender equality/parity, trade and craftsmanship workshops, and language and critical literacy programs while celebrating and promoting local tradition. 

Our Social Objectives:

  • Contributing to peaceful, secure societies, and stable operating environments.
  • Sharing values that underpin economically and socially successful societies.
  • Empowering marginalized groups and reducing inequality.

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