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Higo Necklace

Sale price$260.00

This piece is incredible. Each sheath is handmade in the Big D shop in Dallas, TX with a beautiful 1/8 inch brass chain.

The knife is a  perfectly-sized (4" closed, 7" open) Japanese-made Higo knife, with brass handle and steel blade. Hand-made (Japan) and hand-finished at our shop here in Dallas; no two will look the same.  This is not a fancy knife, and our finishing process introduces cosmetic imperfections (so it won't look brand-spanking new!).  It is a knife that gets the job done; cuts your apple or cigar, opens a box, slashes your pesky neighbor's tires.    

The steel produces a very sharp edge, easily honed as necessary.  If you live in more humid areas or use it on fruit, a drop of oil (even olive oil) every once in a while won't hurt.