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INFUSED MAPLE SYRUP GABLE BOX SAMPLER - Cinnamon/Vanilla, Rum Barrell Aged, Ginger Infused

Great idea for a hostess gift, house warming gift, stocking stuffer or if you just want to sample our infused or barrel aged syrups, our gable gift box set will do the trick.

Each box contains 3 x 2oz bottles.

Infused sampler 1 each of: Cinnamon/Vanilla, Rum Barrel aged and Ginger infused


Some flavors were meant for each other. 

Cinnamon + Vanilla + Pure Maple Syrup = Heavenly.

Infused with organic ceylon cinnamon sticks and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.

Go ahead and indulge with our cinnamon & vanilla infused pure maple syrup.  The aroma of cinnamon will greet your senses as you pour this delectable infused syrup over waffles or cheese cake.  As you savor that first bite the complex vanilla profile will emerge and you'll wonder why you only bought one bottle.  

Add a tablespoon to your morning coffee and get ready for amazing.

Infused with organic ceylon cinnamon sticks and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.

Ginger Root Infused

Why would you mix ginger and maple syrup you ask?  Good question and we don't have a good answer. But we did and we're glad we did. There's something magical about the zing of ginger and the sweetness of maple that just go together.  It's hard to explain but if you'er brave enough to try it you'll know what we mean.   

  • stir to a glass of ice tea
  • enjoy in cocktails
  • drizzle over fresh fruit
  • oil and vinegar dressing

We harvest our sap from wild maple trees growing in the Appalachian mountains.  Boiled in small batches on a wood fired evaporator ensures the most intense maple flavor.  You'll taste the Old State Farms difference in every drop.

Rum Barrell Aged

We age our finest grade A Dark Robust flavored pure maple syrup for 7 months in Rum barrels imported from Jamaica's Appleton Estates.  Mellow, yet sophisticated.

Enjoy over pancakes or waffles, drizzle over fresh apple pie or sharp cheddar for a sweet and savory snack.  Delicious as a glaze on grilled salmon or chicken. I like a tablespoon in my morning coffee.  The possibilities are endless!