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Sonoran Sampler Gift Set - (MILD)


Perfect for gifting of all kinds. Cook? Foodie? Cocktail lover? Takeout maven? This is our most popular set and great for folks that like to add a pinch of flavor to their favorite dishes. No cooking experience needed. Discover what a pinch of added salt and spice can do to a meal (or cocktail) with this gift set.

The Sonoran Sea Salt is great for using as an everyday salt and the Hatch Red and Green Chile Salt are the perfect finishing touch for roasted veggies, nuts, fish, meats, and eggs. Don’t forgot the mixed drinks too! This salt shines best on the rim of a Bloody Mary or on a margarita. In fact, we’re hard pressed to find anything that doesn’t taste a little better with a pinch on top.


-3.4oz Hatch Green Chile Salt

-3.4oz Hatch Red Chile Salt

-3.4oz Sonoran Sea Salt



Great for use in everyday cooking or to use as a finishing salt. Use as you would table salt to add an unexpected kick of flavor to your favorite dishes.


Sprinkle on eggs, avocado toast, popcorn, grilled vegetables, meats, and fish.

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