Trabuco 12 Ounce Vintage Blue



  • 12 ounce vintage blue denim with custom selvedge from Japan
  • Two piece waistband
  • 1/8" double needle accents
  • Flat felled seams
  • Japanese herringbone pocket bags
  • Custom rivets and button tacks
  • Button-fly construction
  • 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36
  • Sewn in USA

Introducing Freenote Cloth’s newest signature denim: 12 Ounce Vintage Blue. Around 8 years ago, we stumbled upon a vintage roll of selvedge with a unique pale blue color. Ever since, recreating “G.I. Blue” – the nickname we gave the original roll of fabric – has been a passion project for us. At first, we tried to find the original manufacturer, so we approached the now defunct Cone Mills White Oak. Although they couldn’t find any records of making this particular denim, they did offer some insight to its origin. Like many products in wartime, dye is often a scarce commodity. We’ve never been able to pinpoint when the denim fabric was manufactured, but it is likely that the distinct pale blue color was an invention of necessity in the midst of wartime rationing. Matching this shade of blue was no easy task, but after 8 years of trial and error, we finally have a faithful reproduction of “G.I. Blue.”

This denim is woven exclusively for Freenote Cloth by Yoshiwa Mills in Japan. Weighing in at 12 Ounces, it makes a great choice for summer. The hand feel is soft to the touch from day one, requiring minimal effort to break in. Yet there is still enough heft to create well-defined creases, enhancing the patina potential over time. This fabric has two different selvedge ID’s, brown on one side and blue on the other, another nod to the original denim. This timeless fabric is available in our Rios, Trabuco, and Wilkes fits. As always, proudly cut and sewn in California.

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