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More compact than our Cowboy Fire Pit Grill - 30", this 23" version comes with a pole and grill grate for controlled temperature cooking. Enjoy as a fire pit or use to cook your next meal. This system works great for backyards or can easily be packed for camping.

• Full-size outdoor fire pit, cooking, and entertaining system
• Modular design allows for multi-use as fire pit and open-fire grilling/cooking station Multiple ways to cook over open-fire and charcoal
• Multiple configurations with cast iron and steel cooking accessories
• Easily portable with simple set up

Items Included:
1 grill
1 pole
1 grate


Length: 29" Handle to handle
Width: 25" | 35" with grill grate
Height: 14.25" | 33" with pole

30 lbs


Lighter in weight than cast iron and more durable than copper, our Cowboy Fire Pit is constructed from heavy-duty steel. Steel has a naturally high melting point and is resistant to both corrosion and common weather stains. It makes this fire pit stable enough for heavy backyard use while being versatile enough to throw in the car and bring to your favorite outdoor spot. Our steel is coated with FDA-approved high-temperature paint to improve the look and feel of the fire pit.


The Cowboy Fire Pit Grill is inspired by open fire cooking and mobile Chuck Wagons used in the American West after the Civil War. Before automobiles and animal trailers, cowboys moved by horse, often spending long, arduous days breaking trail with a herd of cattle by their sides. These cowboys needed to eat, and the Chuck Wagon became their daily diner on the road.

The invention of the Chuck Wagon is attributed to Charles Goodnight, a known Texas rancher. Goodnight modified a durable, manufactured covered wagon to better suit the needs of the cowboys driving cattle. These mobile food carts could now carry more goods than a cowboy could on his horse and helped feed whole groups while they traveled. Every day, hearty food was cooked over an open fire, often with cast iron, to be eaten wherever a comfortable spot could be found. The cook would pack staples that would last long journeys: salted meats, sourdough biscuits, and dried beans. They would pick up what they could as they went, but most Chuck Wagon dinners were simple, “Chuck Wagon BBQ”.


Our 23” Cowboy Fire Pit Grill is designed to be a travel-friendly grill system, ideal for versatile use. With limited accessories, the 23" grill is easier to store, manage, and carry than our larger 30" standing cowboy grill. Our two grill sizes give customers the option to pick the grilling system that reflects their lifestyle. The 30" is a great at-home grill, whereas the 23" is ideal for beach trips, camping, or the local park for a BBQ.

COWBOY FIRE PIT GRILL - 23" Sale price$399.99