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Hatch Green Chile Salt - 3.4oz (MILD)


Hatch Green Chile Salt

Our signature product is a natural pairing. Our Hatch Green Chile Salt combines the finest green chiles from Hatch, New Mexico and unrefined kosher salt from the Sea of Cortez in Baja California. Perfect for a cocktail rim, grilled meat, fish, roasted veggies, eggs, or as a dry rub. Add a pinch to elevate any dish.

Buy our Hatch Green Chile Salt for your next culinary creation or as a gift for the food enthusiast in your life.



Great for use while cooking and as a finishing salt, Hatch Green Chile Salt also makes an excellent rub for meats and fish before cooking. Use as you would plain salt to add an unexpected kick to your favorite dishes.


Sprinkle on avocado toast, popcorn, eggs, vegetables, meats, and fish. 

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