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The past did not happen in black and white. Discover people and places of the early 20th century through the medium of rare, early color photography, which has now been enhanced through the use of modern technology to make the past look stunningly contemporary.

The Colors of Life transports readers through the lens of autochromes and paget plates – from the infancy of early color photographic processes – and enhances detail and definition and dynamic range to create a startlingly new way to connect to the past.


This compilation showcases over 200 photographs enhanced by Stuart Humphryes, capturing people from various backgrounds and their everyday lives, at leisure, and at work. With the use of cutting edge enhancements, these early colour photographs and their stories come to life in a way they preciously never could. The book a reminds us the the past was as real as the present and has the power to evoke personal and shared emotions that resonate across time.

The Colors of Life is a captivating journey into the past, using the technology of the present to allow readers to see and experience history in a new and vibrant light.

Editors: gestalten & Stuart Humphryes
Release date: October 2023
Format: 9 ½ × 11 ¾ inches
Features: full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 256 pages
ISBN: 9783967041231

Stuart Humphryes is a digital artist, photo restorer, and writer, and also a content creator active on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Formerly known as a print and TV colorizer—focusing on work relating to the BBC television series Doctor Who—Humphryes has generated a new following interested in his photographic enhancement work. His work has received accolades from The Guardian, The Evening Standard, The Stage, The Metro, The Radio Times, The Mail on Sunday, BBC Online, BBC America, The National, FX Magazine, Starburst Magazine, Wild West Magazine, and many others.

            THE COLORS OF LIFE
            THE COLORS OF LIFE Sale price$75.00