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Multi-task between cooking, woodworking, welding, or any shop activity with this 100% full-grain water buffalo leather apron. Built to work, features include multiple pockets and straps for holding tools, towel, cell phone, and pens/pencils.

Adjustable canvas/cotton cross-straps reduce pressure on the neck and fit all body types and sizes. Durable, high-quality waxed saddle leather only gets more beautiful with time. Expect a lovely, natural patina to deepen as leather relaxes and molds to a perfect fit. Handmade by local artisans in Pakistan.

Note: Natural dying process may cause slight transfer of color to lighter fabrics. Color transfer will cease over time as leather apron is used.

• Durable full-grain water buffalo leather
• Waxed "saddle leather" finish enables color variations and creases over time for a vintage patina and more relaxed fit
• Adjustable cross-back fits all body types and sizes
• Pockets and straps for holding small and large tools
• Natural dyeing process may cause a slight transfer of color to lighter fabrics
• Multi-use safe for shop, woodworking, etc


Items Included:
1 Tradesman leather apron

Full-grain water buffalo leather

Length: 32.75"
Width: 27.5"
Weight: 1 lb

Wipe down with water after use. If staining occurs, use a leather cleaner to remove it.



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